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This inspirational masterclass is packed with actionable steps for any woman who has, or wants to have, her own business.

If you want to…

  • Be your own boss with the possibility for unlimited income and influence
  • Discover Your Greater Purpose & Start Living Your Life Vision
  • Start Your First Business or Launch Another Business
  • Scale your business to the heights you dream of
  • Learn how to get the exposure you need to bring your message to the world 
  • Realize Your Potential & Learn How To Become Influential

...This Global Success 7-Step Business Plan will show you how to achieve all this & more.




Who You Will Be Learning From

Who You Will Be Learning From

Mirela Sula

A passionate business mentor focused on empowering
women worldwide to experience the business success and life vision of their dreams. Mirela does not just talk the talk; she walks the walk: she is a living example of what it looks like for a woman to pursue success and live a life without limits.

While most business coaches will tell their clients that they should only focus on one business and scaling that, instead, Mirela masterfully sets out to inspire women to crush the word “impossible” and, in so doing, release their hearts desires, where all things are indeed possible.

Mirela shows us this by example: She is the author of 15 books, founder of 5 magazines, and organizer of 500+ events worldwide. Mirela started Global Woman in 2016 and now leads 17 regional directors & 27 business clubs around the world.

Mirela is a voice for women entrepreneurs everywhere. She has taken her motivational message & business knowledge and shared it on stages alongside Grant & Elena Cardone, Gary V, Robert & Kim Kyosaki, Nick Vujiocic, Les Brown, John Demartini, Jane Goodall, Michelle Mone, Jay Abraham, and many more.

What does women's empowerment look like to Mirela? Mirela is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs start, leverage, and scale their businesses. Then she helps them to take their businesses global. Most importantly, she brings women together: because that is where the real magic happens. While one woman living out her dream is powerful, women living out their dreams together is even more powerful.

Why is Mirela so passionate about bringing women together to fulfill their dreams, grow their businesses, and impact the world? Because Mirela knows what it is like to start with only a dream. When Mirela first arrived in London in 2012, she barely had any material possessions; however, what she did have was a vivid vision & powerful purpose for her life.
She took that vision and built her own hugely successful global business that is now available for women to access online.

Getting to the levels of success that Mirela experienced required passing through many struggles with many unanswered questions, and great difficulty finding qualified mentors. It is for this reason that she is sharing with you the 7-Step Plan she created.

She wants to help you minimize the struggle she experienced and instead get your questions answered, be surrounded by a community of powerful women, and have an expert mentor to help guide you. She is giving you the exact Plan that has brought her millions, thrust her into the limelight, and most importantly, has led her to be able to help hundreds of women, just like you.

And if you haven't found your purpose yet, don't worry, lovely lady. Mirela loves helping women just like you to find their

So, wherever you are in your journey, make sure to join this FREE MASTERCLASS, where Mirela will share with you her 7-Step Plan. She is holding nothing back. She is giving you what she wished she had when she was starting her entrepreneurial journey.

You, my darling, deserve to have a business with Unlimited potential, influence & income

You, my darling, deserve to have a business with Unlimited potential, influence & income

In this encore masterclass, Mirela will share with you how to make that happen with…

The 7-Step Plan
To Build A Global Business

Mirela will reveal the exact 7-step formula she uses to take her ideas & grow them into successful businesses at the global level. And not just for herself, but for women in her Global Women Club, too! Once you have this proven 7-step plan, you can fast track your growth, and apply it to any business you create.

Mirela’s Path Manifesto
to Power Your Growth

Mirela will share with you her Manifesto that reveals to you the 6 phases she went through to bring her business from an idea, to the success that it is today. She will teach you to see where YOU are on the path, and learn what steps you need to take next to help you powerfully generate movement towards global success! This process is all about helping you gain laser focused clarity, combined with the knowledge of what you need to do to get where you dream of being.

Inspirational Wisdom
to Get You Excited

Mirela's mission is to help women find their purpose, gain financial freedom, and motivate others to do the same! Women around the world tell her they feel inspired and empowered when they hear her speak. And they go on to do great things that bring them fulfillment and prosperity. She wants you to have it all!

Don't Just Take It From Us

Don't Just Take It From Us

See what other Industry leaders have to say about Mirela Sula


I had been hiding myself for more than 20 years, until one day I met Mirela. She is the only person who managed to get me out of my shell. Because of her I have now found a new purpose in life, to help woman have it all.


Watching what Mirela is doing to empower woman is incredible. I heard about her and her story and I thought, wow, where does she get this energy. We need woman like her.


I have been following Mirela’s work for quite a long time now and I can tell you, she is a powerful force for good. What she is doing for woman is phenomenal and I encourage everyone to join her movement.